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I taught four courses during my time as a graduate assistant at The University of Maryland, three of which were developed from scratch. 


An introductory class for theatre majors of all stripes. The focus was on storytelling with light, developing lighting design ideas and the language to express them, and research avenues. Students were also taught how to construct light plots (using hand-drafting) and worksheeting, as well as practical projects in the light lab.



An advanced class for undergraduates looking to make a career in lighting. The semester was spent teaching the core building blocks of EOS, move-fade, tracking, and preset control, as well as advanced topics including dyanmic effects and pixel mapping. We were able to secure a demo of the ETC Cobalt, and explored that for several weeks as well. This class also intergrated with the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center NextNOW Festival, and students received a "crash course" on GrandMA before using it to light a dance party in the Center's Lobby.



A 200-level class designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the tech table. Students were required to execute one practical project in the light lab per week, covering all forms of dramatic performance. Projects were in the university's theatres when production schedules allowed, and included simulated tech rehearsals.



An advanced class for undergraduates looking to make a career in lighting design. This class dealt with many practical aspects of our craft: Vectorworks, Lightwright, advanced photometrics and worksheeting, as well as assistant skills including followspot and moving light databasing and tracking.


Programming class students busking The Clarice Smith Center NextNOW Festival on the GrandMA. 


For the past few years I've also had the pleasure to work with Harriet Bronstein and her drama students at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC, on a musical and Shakespeare show each year. It's a real treat to work alongside her dedicated students, who throw all their energy and enthusiasm into creating the show. So far we've created Hair, Urinetown, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night's Dream

Burn it, Claude!!

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